Will I be charged VAT?

We are required to collect VAT charges from our customers based on the information you make available to us.

During the shop order process, the price may change depending on the country or VAT information you deliver to us.

To see your final pricing in your cart summary, you have to be registered in the shop, please register here.
Note: Without registration, the cart summary will always show Austrian VAT (which is 20%).

How we calculate VAT charges for digitally delivered products:

European Union (EU) customers

  • Businesses (taxable person): If you register with your VAT registration number, your company will not be charged VAT (exception: businesses located in Austria will always be charged 20% VAT).
  • Consumers (non-taxable person): Services will always be taxed in the country where you as a┬ánon-VAT registered person belong to (and not where the business selling the software is based). Prices will include the VAT rate applicable in your country.

Non-European Union (EU) customers

  • Businesses (taxable person): No VAT will be applicable.
  • Consumers (non-taxable person): No VAT will be applicable.

If you are not yet registered in our shop, please register here.

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